Kamic Security - a part of KAMIC Group

The Kamic Group is a Swedish based, privately owned corporate group with the common aim of being a leading supplier of technical products and services in a number of well defined product and market niches.

Following the acquisition of the previously listed company ElektronikGruppen in August 2011, the Kamic Group now comprises around 30 operating companies with a combined annual turnover of approximately SEK 1.5 billion. The group has subsidiaries and branch offices in 11 countries in Northern Europe and Asia, and employs around 750 people in total.

Most of the companies conduct trading and agency operations, but the group also includes companies with in-house product development and manufacturing. To maximize the benefits of coordinating their respective offerings, expertise and market segments, the companies are grouped into a number of business areas. Fin-Alert Electronics Oy belongs to the  “Installation” business area of Kamic Group.

For additional information about Kamic Group please visit www.kamicgroup.com